Thachters business Den Hartog Reed

Who are we?

Den Hartog Reed is a thachters enterprise which is located in the Netherlands. The company has its origins in the year 1925. Today, the third generation is working in the world of thatching. Den Hartog Reed is now a modern company with a traditional character. This family business has its good name from the value that our employees allocate to craftsmanship. The traditional Dutch craft thatching is in our genes. For years we perform with passion this wonderful craft.

The uniqueness of Den Hartog Reed is that it combines the atmosphere of solid craftsmanship with modern professionalism. These two elements guarantee a high quality thatched roof; to the smallest detail. Characteristic of the method of the thatchers of Den Hartog Reed is that it is adequate, complete and stylish.

Den Hartog Reed is from its inception a member of the Dutch Federation of Thatchers. This Federation looks after the interests of the Dutch Thatchers, but also sets and enforces the standards and quality requirements for the profession.

What do we do?

The thatchers of Den Hartog want to go to work conscientiously and professionally, they have passion for reed! Den Hartog Reed is a all-round specialist. We can provide the following services:

  • - Renewing a thatched roof
  • - Maintaining a thatched roof
  • - Providing carpentry
  • - Isolating roofs
  • - Chimney sweep

We have years of experience with thatched roofs. Based on this experience, we can inform you about the state of your thatched roof. Feel free to contact us concerning:

  • - Clear and solid advice about the general condition of your roof
  • - Advice about building plans and project realization
  • - Advice regarding the maintenance of the thatched roof
  • - Advice on isolating thatched roofs

Are you looking for a reliable thatcher? A thatcher who fully and adequately perform his work? Are you looking for a thatcher in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Canada, U.S.A, or any country? Feel free to contact us. If you require our advice or would like a specified quote for services, then please feel free to contact us using our contact form. 


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Den Hartog Riet

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